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Socket Grating / Ridge Augmentation

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This Advance surgical procedure is used for reconstructing the lost bone. If bone loss occurs due to extraction or other types of dental conditions, then ridge augmentation might be recommended to strengthen and reconstruct the integrity of the jawbone before implant surgery. The goal is to recreate the natural contour of the alveolar ridge, which is the area of the jawbone that surrounds the roots of your teeth.

If a tooth extraction occurs, then the bone around the missing tooth can break – causing the width and height of the socket to deteriorate. Ridge augmentation surgery rebuilds the original size and appearance of this area for aesthetic purposes or preparation before the placement of dental implants.

Sinus Grafting

If implants are being placed in the upper molars or premolars, then sinus grafting might be necessary when there isn’t enough bone to support the implants. Your periodontist will use a CT scan to check the bone quantity in the area as well as the positioning of the sinuses, then determine if you need bone grafting before the placement of dental implants.

Only a thin wall of bone separates the mouth and the maxillary sinuses, especially when the bone is lost by periodontal disease or missing teeth. This thin bone area might not be sufficient for holding dental implants in place. A sinus graft (also known as a sinus lift) lines the sinus membranes with the placement of donor bone or a bone graft substitute. This advanced bone grafting procedure creates enough bone to support your dental implant.

Bone Grafting

When bone loss occurs in the jawbone, it can have a cascading effect that results in loose teeth and instability. Often, bone quantity and quality decrease when teeth are missing, or the bone is being affected by chronic periodontal disease. If additional support is needed in this part of the jaw bone, then a bone grafting procedures can help to promote and reconstruct the bone quantity. Bone grafting is commonly used in conjunction with our procedures, such as dental implants.

The bone graft can be sourced from another person (usually a cadaver), another animal, or synthetic material that contains ingredients such as calcium sodium phosphate or calcium phosphate. We combine all bone grafting materials with PRF to have a natural growth factor to enhance the healing process and quality of regenerated bone.We also offer a new technique as Minimally Invasive Bone Grafting techniques in our practice (S.M.A.R.T). Call our office to learn more and to see if this treatment is right for you.

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